Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Staff Changes at LIA

Nathan Bell, associate director of Love in Action International, announced via an e-mail that he has been terminated by the Memphis-based "ex-gay" program. He writes:
I am writing to communicate a couple of important things. First, thanks to all of you for your support of me throughout my years at Love in Action. Unfortunately I have been terminated from my position after 8 years of cooperative work. It is important for me that you know (t)his termination was not over a moral failure on my part – nor over any negligence of my responsibilities.
Bell, an "ever-straight" heterosexual man, was on staff when I was in the program. According to his staff profile (which was still on the LIA site this morning)
In his early adolescence, Nathan came to know the Lord personally. After learning of his father's intent to follow homosexual pursuits, Nathan has persevered, allowing God to utilize this tragedy to ground him in Christ.
You can read Bell's testimony for yourself.

(I received a forwarded copy of the e-mail from Bob Painter, former LIA participant and staff member, who received it directly from Bell. It was addressed to 195 individuals presumed to be "supporters".)


At 6:43 PM , Blogger Michael Camp said...


I just found your blog and web site today. You have a fascinating and illuminating story and I'm glad you are telling it nationwide. I am addressing the need for reformation in traditional Christianity on my blog Deep Thought Pub and will soon write some posts on homosexuality and the ex-gay movement, such as LiA. I get a lot of my personal-type material from Mel White's website Soul Force, but will also reference your site if you don't mind.

Best regards,


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